The 2nd Interdisciplinary Art Work
"Oh Beautiful Istanbul" by Sevil Soyer - 1994
Sevil Soyer has founded “the first interdisciplinary art work” in 1994. It was also the first time in the world. She started to work on her project a year before and she got together 45 artists from different disciplines. She worked very hard on this project as the curator, creative director and artist. The concept was “ Istanbul “. She created this concept and gave the name “ Oh Beautiful Istanbul “. Under this "umbrella concept" , all the artists from different disciplines worked together to create an art show. At the same time Sevil Soyer created two projects under this umbrella concept with the other artists from different disciplines, which was named; “The Area Outside of the Program” and“Still Transformation”. The Cultural Minister of Turkey opened the Yildiz Palace, Hasbahce to the artists and to the public just for this project . “Oh Beautiful Istanbul” was showed throughout the three days and it was visited by thousands of visitors.

Creative Director, Artist and Curator: Sevil Soyer
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