The 1st Interdisciplinary Art Work
"Purple Rain" by Sevil Soyer - 2003

Sevil Soyer started to live in Michigan after 1999. She created her 2nd interdisciplinary art project there. She invited artists from different disciplines to create an art show under the “ rain “ concept. This performance includedinstallation, poetry, music, special lighting and sound effects.

Sevil Soyer hung hundreds of multicolored strings from the ceiling in the gallery, which represented rain. R. Lida Pelc wrote a poem about rain, Melvin Kangas improvised music with the kantele and Joe Kirkish narrated the poem. Soyer used special rain effects produced by Omer Ahunbay and Hakan Ozer from Turkey.

" Art is important, especially for young people. I want them to watch, listen and see, and (in return) they will think or feel something. Purple is lonely and melancholy…Rain is very important for life and life can be happy and sad at the same time. Life has two faces” Sevil Soyer said in the interview by Daily Mining Gazette,October 23, 2003.

Participating Artists: Sevil Soyer (Installation), Melvin Kangas (Music), Lida Pelc (Poetry), Joe Kirkish (Narrator)

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