THE 90'S  

Sevil Soyer has started to create installations in this period. She was never satisfied by using only the canvas, therefore she started to create her art by installing it into daily life. Her sensitivity about environmental pollution pushed her to create “Made in Sections”. This project had three installations which were displayed at different locations and times. “Crossings” was the first one. “Doors” was the second and “Water” was the third one. The main concept was that the humans destroyed and polluted the environment in many ways, such as through technical developments, comforts of life and life styles. The changes in the environment prepare the end of humans. The triple projects, called “Made in Sections” emphasized this point. It called everybody to have a larger vision about the environment, to think of it as a culture, because the environment is the first culture of human beings. Sevil Soyer used different materials for the three installations (Read more).
Sevil Soyer was searching to create and emphasize her ideas beyond the classical ways. In this point she thought about sharing her art and ideas with other disciplines such as theatre, music, dance, literature, architecture, engineering… She wrote her manifest and started to work on it.
She got 45 people from different disciplines together and she worked on her 1st Interdisciplinary Art Project as the artist, curator, creative director…After a long and hard working period she and the other 45 artists from different disciplines showed “Oh Beautiful Istanbul” through the 3 days in Yildiz Palace in Istanbul. It was a unique project and thousands of people visited this performance (Read more).

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